Everything you need to know about Chinese podcasts

The aim of our site is to provide you with a wide range of Chinese podcasts to make it easy for you to learn Chinese. We explore and review available Chinese podcasts to deliver you the very best ones. Learning Chinese can be difficult but luckily, there’s a huge range of different resources online to make things easier for you. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we have something for everyone.

There are different types of podcasts available:

  • Podcasts for learning Chinese: These podcasts are usually aimed at beginners and intermediate learners. They cover various topics such as grammar, vocabulary, Chinese culture, as well as all levels of conversation. Our podcast reviews take a slightly unusual approach to other sites in that we simply try to give you as much information as possible, to enable you to find great resources for improving your listening and speaking skills in Chinese. On the Chinese learning podcasts, there is often explanation in English. Some of the podcasts we link to also have options for learning Chinese vocabulary and practise writing Chinese characters, to help you on your way to Mandarin fluency!

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  • Native Chinese podcasts – these podcasts are designed for people whose mother tongue is Chinese and aren’t graded on various language skills. Is it true that they can’t be utilized by non-native speakers to learn Chinese? Certainly not! These are an excellent source of material for students at all levels who want more difficult stuff. However, because these native Chinese podcasts are only in Chinese and don’t have any English, they will be more suitable for intermediate-advanced Mandarin learners, well on their way to fluency. The main benefit of these podcasts is that you can find an interesting podcast that matches a topic that you are interested in, and learn specific vocabulary related to your interests. The other benefit is that you can hear lots of different Chinese accents, even from Mandarin speakers.

What languages are Chinese learning podcasts available in?

  • The vast majority of language-learning podcasts are in Mandarin Chinese with English support or explanation.
  • There are also some language-learning podcasts for people learning Cantonese.
  • And there are a small amount of language-learning podcasts for other dialects used in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (ie Taiwanese, Hokkien, Minnanhua etc)

What’s the best speed for podcasts for learning Chinese?

Most learning podcasts are in variable speed, to make it easier for you to learn. This is contrasted with the Chinese-only podcasts that are in whatever speed suits the podcaster and that conveys their message best. Podcasts aimed at bedtime stories for children will have much slower speeds than exciting dialogue between friends about sports.

Can you modify the speed of Chinese language podcasts?

If you use a specific podcast app (like Pocketcasts, Apple podcasts etc) you may also modify the speed, so that for a slower podcast you can listen in 1.5 x speed if you want more of a challenge. Some podcasts are also available as video podcasts on Youtube channels.

What languages are native Chinese podcasts in?

Almost all the Chinese languages and dialects that you can think of! Many of the native podcasts are available in Mandarin, as well as some in Cantonese. Some of the podcasts are produced in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, while others are aimed at Overseas Chinese communities living in many different countries. For our podcasts, we evaluate those in Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese Chinese and not the vast array of Chinese dialects.

Is self-learning Chinese possible?

We believe that self-learning is possible, but it’s much better to start with a qualified teacher or tutor to get the basics. After this, then you can build on this with increased vocabulary and self learning. The wonderful thing about learning Chinese on your own with the aid of podcasts is that you may pursue your own language goals. There are so many tools for intermediate-advanced learners!

Can podcasts replace a Chinese teacher?

They may be used as a substitute for, or on top of lessons with a Chinese teacher. For advanced Chinese language learners, there is the benefit of learning more about Chinese culture on top of language basics such as daily life.

Do podcasts help with Chinese listening or speaking?

Ideally a Chinese podcast can help you with both speaking and listening. You are primarily working on listening skills but this should give you more confidence in speaking as well.