La Vita di Milano Chinese Podcast Review

Name of Podcast: la vita di milano (Life in Milan)

What topics are covered? la vita di milano is created by Chinese students studying in Milan and other parts of Italy as well. It’s basically a chat show primarily covering topics about their life in Italy. Sometimes they also have some topics that’s about their home in China.

Why is it good to listen to? The host of this podcast is from Tianjin. He speak standard Mandarin, but he also speaks his local Tianjin dialect (天津话)  in some of the episodes for fun. Other participants in the podcasts are from different places in China, but most of them are from the Northern part of China. From this podcast series, you can learn about the lives of overseas Chinese students.

You can search la vita di milano on iTunes to subscribe or listen to the podcast.

How often are the podcasts updated? Normally the podcasts are updated every 3-4 days. Sometimes the podcast has breaks lasting 1-2 weeks.

Length of the podcast:  The running time of each episode of is about 25 minutes.

Description of the podcast:

This is a podcast about the life of overseas Chinese students in Italy. The podcast seems to be a place for the presenter and his guests to relax and have a small “reunion” for Chinese friends over there. The tone and style of this podcast is very casual and it’s nice because it’s not very polished, good for listening to the way that non-broadcasters speak.

The content of the podcast is closely linked to living and studying abroad. Their are episodes with introductions to Italian universities and degree programmes, advice on how to buy plane tickets, train ticket etc. They also features many interesting episodes about their travel experience in Italy and other parts in Europe.


This is a great podcast for people to hear Chinese students chatting and understand their impressions of Europe and being away from home.