Top 5 reasons to choose Rocket Chinese

Please Note: This review was produced independently of Rocket Chinese but does contain affiliate links.

For beginners who want to start learning Chinese from scratch, Rocket Chinese is an excellent online learning platform which guides you along your journey. What makes Rocket Chinese such a good Chinese learning tool and why should you choose it? Here are our top 5 reasons.

  1. A clear road map from lesson to lesson
  2. Motivation to progress
  3. Approachable Chinese grammar
  4. Connecting Chinese and Chinese culture
  5. Testing learnt knowledge
  1.   A clear road map from lesson to lesson

From My Dashboard you can find your My Study Plan which is an excellent roadmap for your studies. With once glance you can clearly see in which order you will study the lessons. No more confusion on where to start and how to proceed.

  1. Motivation to progress

By using Rocket Chinese you can earn points and see your badge change from Chinese Novice first to Chinese Learner and ultimately to a Guru. There are many ways to earn more points, like asking questions on the forum, adding words to My Vocab and completing lessons quizzes. On My Badges you can see the Leaderboard of the top 10 point earners, tomorrow it can be your name on the list! Being a bit competitive will motivate you to learn Chinese faster and have better results.

  1. Approachable Chinese grammar

Rocket Chinese’s Language & Culture lessons include a grammar section that will teach you grammar points and when to use certain words. When should you use the formal 您好 nínhǎo and when the informal 你好 nǐhǎo is enough? You will learn it in Language & Culture lessons.

  1. Connecting Chinese and Chinese culture

When learning a language it’s also important to learn some basics of the culture the language have evolved in. Language and culture influence each other and by understanding the culture for example, you can better understand the language too. In Language & Culture lessons Rocket Chinese introduces you to the relevant cultural points that help you to understand the country and the language on a deeper level.

  1. Testing learnt knowledge

Studying Chinese doesn’t only consist of learning new words, phrases and grammar, but also of testing what you have learned. By testing yourself you will be making sure that you have mastered the lesson before moving on to the next one. This will make your learning much more efficient.