Kids Chinese Podcast review

Review of Lesson 01 Self Introduction from Kids Chinese Podcast.

What is this podcast about?

This podcast from Kids Chinese Podcast introduces vocabulary and sentence patterns that are related to self-introduction.

Which level does this podcast belong to?

This podcast is suitable for kids who start learning Mandarin. No knowledge of Mandarin is required.

How many presenters are in the studio?

One female presenter and a little girl are in the studio.

How clear are the dialogues?

The Chinese spoken in the recording is very clear and accurate.

How many times are the dialogues repeated? 

Every dialogue is read only one time.

What languages are spoken in the studio?

English is the teaching medium. Plain English without linguistic jargon is used. Learners will find the lesson is easy to follow.

Does this podcast have a clear level?

Yes, the vocabulary and sentence pattern is basic, which only covers pronouns and positive sentences. This teaching material is suitable for kids at the complete beginner level. In addition, regarding the fact that kids can only concentrate for a while, the content of the lesson is concise and straightforward.

What is the structure of this podcast?

The lesson from Kids Chinese Podcast consists of three parts. The first part shows conversations on self-introduction. The second part introduces the four tones in Mandarin as well as the vocabulary related to self-introduction. The third part wraps up the previous content.

Why is Kids Chinese Podcast a good choice of podcast?  The lesson is theme-based and the situational dialogue is especially designed for kids. It does not introduce any grammar but emphasizes listening and speaking skills, which is suitable for how children learn Chinese.  

What are the drawbacks of this podcast? This particular podcast doesn’t have drawbacks in this lesson. The lesson is well designed.  

Summary: In general, lesson 01 is very suitable for kids who start learning Mandarin, especially for those who are at the beginner level. The lesson has a suitable information load for Children and the teaching style is lively and attractive for kids.  

The podcast can be listened to at Kids Chinese Podcast.