English Podcasts about China

While the main focus of this site is about podcasts for learning Chinese and Chinese language podcasts, there are also some useful podcasts in English about China and Chinese history. These podcasts will help you to understand China more and understand some of the more complicated aspects of Chinese culture and Chinese history. Of course, the hope is that at some point soon you will be able to talk about the same thing in fluent Chinese!

China/Hong Kong News podcasts:

RTHK : Hong Kong Today
China Policy Pod
China Policy Brief
The China Blogcast
China Daily Digest China – Video podcast
China Talking Points – No longer updated

Podcasts about Business in China:

China Economic Radio
Thoughtful China – video only podcast which is interesting
China Connect Videos Podcasts
AmCham China
McKinsey on China
Chinese Small Cap Stock TV

Podcasts about China investing:

China Money Podcast – Audio Episodes
China Market Commentary

Official Government podcasts:
China Radio International
Hong Kong Trade Development Council Videocasts

The China History Podcast
Hong Kong Heritage
China: As History is my witness – BBC radio series with 10 episodes.

ChinaGreen – video podcast

China Abroad podcasts
The China in Africa Podcast

Movie podcasts
Taiwan Noir

Music podcasts:

Antique Shanghai Pop Music – Interesting series of Shanghai pop music through the years. Last updated in July 2012. More can be found on the RSS feed.
Bar Rouge Shanghai

Podcasts about living in China:

Life in Shanghai China – Now finished but many podcast episodes over 3 years. An American couple experience Shanghai. It’s a good podcast for getting the feel of Shanghai. The podcast host include lots of  sounds of what’s happening around them and some podcasts are done on the move.