Cantonese Podcasts and Learn Cantonese Podcasts

The purpose of this site is to provide a list of Cantonese podcasts to help you learn Cantonese.

There are two main kinds of Cantonese podcasts on this website:

Cantonese learning podcasts – These podcasts are good for people who would like to learn Cantonese.  Learn Cantonese podcasts are often lessons designed by professionals for carrying out conversations and vocabulary usage, and are categorized by ability levels with download and other interactive options provided.  These podcasts for learning Cantonese often have English instructions or captions to aid listeners understand what the content is. They have been specially designed for people who are learning Cantonese and the Cantonese spoken will be standard and uniform.

Cantonese podcasts – The speech in these podcasts are at a normal or even a fast pace.  Slang, special terms, and proper nouns are often used so non-native speakers may find it harder to understand the Cantonese being spoken. With Cantonese podcasts, learners of Cantonese can pick up lots of terms that they might not find in podcasts that are specially designed for Cantonese learners.  These native Cantonese podcasts are recommended for immediate to advanced Cantonese speakers, but beginners are welcome to listen to and explore also. Cantonese podcasts cover lots of different topics and sometimes also have people with stronger non-standard Cantonese caccents.

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