Big Fish Food Show Chinese Podcast Review

Name of Podcast: Big Fish Food Show(大鱼美食秀)

What topics are covered? Big Fish Food Show is a food podcast chiefly about Chinese food and Chinese restaurants in London.

Why is it good to listen to?

This show helps people understand more about Chinese food, also learn some dish names and interesting sayings and vocabulary related to food. I liked that this podcast is not just a program about food or restaurants but also about the lives of Chinese people in London and their nostalgia for hometown food.

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Length of each podcast: Each podcast is about 50 minutes long.

Description of the podcast:

Generally, each episode of Big Fish Gourmet Show features a special interview with people involved in a Chinese restaurant in London. Taking one of the episodes of Big Fish Gourmet Show as an example, Big Fish visited a newly opened Sichuan cuisine restaurant at Woolwich Arsenal of East London. After a brief introduction to the restaurant, Big Fish interviewed the owner of this restaurant. The owner told his life story of how he became involved in catering industry by starting a takeaway food business when he was still in school. His open-mindedness and bravery is to be admired. After this, the chef also told us about his career in China and the United Kingdom. He talked about the restaurant’s house specialities.

The host of this podcast, with the nickname of “Big Fish” speaks Mandarin with a Taiwan accent. Her speech throughout the interviews is clear and lucid. Interviewees in this podcast are from all over China and include owners of restaurants, chefs and restaurant customers. These participants may speak Mandarin with heavier accents, which can be understood with patience.


Essentially, Big Fish Food Show is a good food podcast based in London for people interested in learning about Chinese food.