The Learning Chinese Myth

Learning Chinese is difficult.

How many times have you heard that sentiment uttered? The world is bursting with people who are under the misguided impression that learning Chinese is a daunting and incredibly difficult task, so much so that they fear ever starting to learn it in the first place. Some decide to give it a shot but one look at the thousands of written characters (both traditional and simplified versions!) and the differing tones has them abandoning the task before they ever truly begin.

Well, what if I told you that learning Chinese was, in fact, not difficult.

The only thing holding you back from mastering Mandarin or Cantonese is you, yourself.

Sure, the tones and pronunciation can be a little tricky to master at first but that’s also what makes it incredibly fun and even more rewarding when you do finally get the hang of it. Plus, a little humor goes a long way to making the process enjoyable. Humor and trusting that that Chinese waitress knows you likely want to order eggplant (茄子 “qiézi” ) and not a wife (妻子 “qīzi” ).

Trust me when I say that learning Chinese really doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Instead, with a little practice and commitment, you can truly master the language and wow your friends with your knowledge of what they perceive as one of the most difficult languages in the world. And hey, you’re friends don’t need to know how very untrue that is!

So how can you go about this? By taking advantage of the huge wealth of information right at your fingertips – the internet!

While hopping on a plane to China to fully immerse yourself in the language may not be an option for everyone, you can do the very next best thing – immerse yourself in the abundance of resources online for learning Chinese.

Watch Chinese movies, listen to Chinese songs and speak to your Chinese friends. Take full advantage of our podcasts and listen to native Chinese spoken in various situations, covering a variety of topics. The more you hear Chinese spoken in natural situations, the easier it will be to pick up and differentiate the tones. Use the audio transcripts, vocabulary lists, worksheets and other bonus content available with our podcasts to practice, practice, and practice some more. You can even take advantage of our deals on Chinese classes to have one-on-one instruction with native speakers, letting you practice your spoken Chinese outside of a classroom.

You already have all the resources you need to start learning Chinese right at your fingertips. The only limitation is you.

So what are you waiting for? No more delays. Start learning Chinese today and discover the secret truth – it’s really not as difficult as you think it is.