Chinese language podcasts

These podcasts are native Chinese podcasts aimed at native Chinese speakers rather than Chinese learners. The following Chinese podcasts are in Mandarin Chinese and cover a wide range of topics from daily life, youth culture and entertainment to the struggles of modern Chinese people living abroad. You’re sure to find something to interest you among our diverse collection of podcasts, no matter your age, gender or interests. Coming from a variety of different sources, these podcasts are a great way to connect with Chinese communities within China and oversees.

While aimed at native speakers, these podcasts can also be used by non-native speakers with advanced Chinese language levels. If you’re an advanced learner looking for resources with more of a challenge, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll be able to test your ability against material aimed at native speakers with a variety of topics to choose from to keep you interested and test your vocabulary. For Chinese learners, it is recommended to be at an intermediate-advanced level of Chinese to fully benefit from these podcasts. Less advanced learners are welcome to try out these podcasts for practice too but shouldn’t be discouraged if they prove too difficult. The following Chinese podcasts have also been reviewed by us in English, making it easy for you to work out if they are suitable for you to use when learning/studying Chinese.

Many of the following Chinese podcasts are available on iTunes, while others have their own website links where they can be listened to online and downloaded.
Newest podcasts updated:
硬影像 podcast (Taiwan)
百靈果 News (Taiwan)
星箭廣播 Technology and innovation (Taiwan)
大人的Small Talk – Work and interpersonal relations
尼爾喝牛奶:你的次文化指南 (Neil Drinks Milk)

Newest podcasts reviews from China and overseas Chinese:

漫谈日本 – Chinese view on living in Japan

品读论语 – Chinese virtues

新闻切克闹 – News podcast

艺术很难吗 – Art and artists.

黄帝内经与养生智慧 = Chinese medicine based on the Yellow Emperor’s Classic work.

罗辑思维 – Interesting and educated point of view on many different things.

仓央嘉措诗歌情 – Ancient and modern Chinese poetry

第一财经 – Financial podcast

随口说美国 – Living in the USA as a Chinese person.

韩非不是韩非子 – Chinese food culture

燃·体育 – Sports

暴走姐妹花 – Travelling

二货一萝筐 – Comic podcast

逗喵音乐教室 – Classical music

旅行日记 – Random podcast with lots of different sections

一起读诗  – Chinese poetry

吃货老吴  – Food and travelling

欧美复古控 – Famous English and American songs

优质女纸必修课  – Podcast aimed at women but one of the easiest podcasts to understand.

Papi酱2016  – Interesting podcast about youth and art.

心理FM – Emotions and psychology.

365读书 Chinese Writers

王自健脱口秀 – Talk show

非常溜+7  – Comic podcast

西瓜波普聊影视 – Western film and TV series ie Bojack.

神奇海螺 – Interesting podcast from students at Sichuan University

一个人听 – Relationships and the podcast host has a great voice.

聊个球播客 – Chinese sports podcast

什么值得买 – Chinese consumer reviews

坏蛋调频  – Music and entertainment podcast

不好吃哪来力气耍流氓 – Food and nostalgia.

恋爱偏方 – Relationships from a male perspective.

学霸学渣闯美国 – Interesting podcast about the job market.

nana在日本 – Life in Japan from a Chinese perspective.

双份De阳光 – Emotions and feelings.

暴走漫画 – Comedic podcast about the latest happenings in China.

机核GADIO游戏电台 – Video Gamer podcast

看电影, 听音乐 – Movie music

边听动漫边怀孕 – Anime music

反派影评  – Movies podcast

十点读书  – Psychology and knowledge.

Our reviews of older Chinese podcasts in English are below. Some of these Chinese podcasts may not still be updated but hopefully they will still be available online.

Podcasts from China, PRC:

Podcasts from Taiwan:

Overseas Chinese Podcasts:

  • Big Fish Food Show– Food podcast with some London/overseas Chinese information.
  • 超级苹果网电台  – Overseas Chinese volunteer-led news podcast.
  • La Vita di Milano – Podcast by Chinese students in Italy, very relaxed and a good listen.
  • 民主沙龙 – Radio Free Asia interesting podcast with lots of people phoning in.
  • Sleepless Britain  – Chinese students in the UK chatting, very interesting for Chinese learners.
  • Princess Remy – Podcast from a Taiwanese person in Austria. No longer updated.
  • 矽谷生命河靈糧堂 – Christian sermon and praise podcasts from Santa Clara. Interesting Sermons.
  • 法律前線 – Overseas Chinese podcast in San Fransisco exploring law. No longer updated.

For a list of Chinese podcasts that haven’t been reviewed – go here.