Chinese with Ling Q Review

Review of Lesson 045 Chinese Food from Ling Q

What is this podcast about?

This podcast from Ling Q introduces different eating habits in China.

Which level does this podcast belong to?

This podcast is suitable for advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese.  Please note: this podcast is in the intermediate level on the website but this is much more suited to advanced learners.

How many presenters are in the studio?

A male and a female presenter are in the studio.

How clear are the dialogues?

The dialogue is very authentic. Just as native speakers do, the accuracy of pronunciations of certain words in the recording are sacrificed in order to adapt to such fluency.

How many times are the dialogues repeated? 

The entire long conversation is broadcast once. However the learners are expected to replay it as many times as they want.

What languages are spoken in the studio?

Mandarin is the only language spoken in the conversation without any grammatical explanation in English.

Does this podcast have a clear level?

Yes, the vocabulary introduced in the lesson is very authentic and the speed of the conversation is native-like.

What is the structure of this podcast?

This podcast only consists of one part, a very authentic dialogue between two native-speakers of Chinese. The dialogue is about the difference in eating habits across China. The podcast presenters also try to explore the reasons why Chinese people have such diversified eating habits.

Why is Ling Q a good choice of podcast?   

The dialogue in this Chinese podcast is completely authentic. The conversation shows the learners how native speakers of Chinese have a conversation in the daily life. The content of the conversation can also give you some insights of Chinese food and different eating habits.

What are the drawbacks of this podcast?

The drawback of the podcast is that this particular Chinese podcast lacks proper editing. The whole dialogue is too long, which lasts for more than 10 minutes. In addition, it also lacks a wrap section to summarise the main grammar points and the content of the whole conversation.


In general, Linq Q is very suitable for Mandarin advanced learners, especially for those who want to know more about Chinese food and diversified eating habits. Moreover, it can be used as the material of training the listening skill at the advanced level.

The podcast can be listened to at Ling Q Chinese.