AutoRadio Car Chinese Podcast Review

Name of Podcast: AutoRadio Car(汽车天天汇)

What topics are covered: This podcast covers topics about automobile product comparison and automobile industry news in Chinese.

Why is it good to listen to?

The voices use standard Chinese Mandarin and are perfectly clear. This podcast is like a conversation between car fans. This Chinese podcast could also be appealing to those who aren’t car-owners but wish to learn about automobile products and get familiar with common terms related to cars.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit and click on the podcast feed button.

How often are the podcasts updated? Programs are updated on a daily basis.

Length of each podcast: Each podcast is about 40 minutes in length.

Podcast Description:

Generally, in each episode of the podcast, the host and two automobile experts will discuss the facts about maintenance and performance of two models of car, for example, Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Octavia. Afterwards they analyze the Pros and Cons of each model. The female host and experts share their personal choices with supporting reasons and give advice to some car users. They then compare other two similarly priced cars of the same category, for example, mini-cars, regarding maintenance and user experience.

What’s interesting is that this podcast is not like other automobile programs which are terminology- or data-centered, but it is oriented based on real life situations like parts replacement or quality of after-purchase service that’s experienced by people around them.

Summary: This is a podcast tailored for people who are interested in cars.