Tiny4voice Chinese Podcast Review

Name of Podcast: Tiny4voice

What topics are covered: This podcast series covers many different topics ranging from social issues and internet interviews to state of the art technology debates.

Why is it good to listen to?  This is a talk show channel without any background music. The male podcaster speaks standard Mandarin and his accent is from a Northern part of China. The podcaster’s speech speed is slightly faster than normal but very clear. The invited guests and recorded audio speak with a strong accent. Non-Chinese listeners need to concentrate on the contents to keep up with what’s happening.  The debates, discussion and interview contents are interesting.

To listen to the podcast, you can search Tiny4voice on iTunes .

How often are the podcasts updated? The podcasts are updated on a weekly basis.

Length of the podcasts:  Vary from 25 minutes to one and a half hours.

Description of the podcast:

This is a very formal talk show channel. Every episode has a topic. Starting with the topic, the podcaster invites his guest into his studio. The presenter then uses recorded audio or organizes an internet interview to discuss those social issues and exchanges opinions and present his own opinions. The theme in each episode is very interesting to listen to. This podcaster not only has a good command of the Chinese language but also has in-depth technology knowledge. All topics are well organized and attractive to the podcast listeners. The podcaster  has a blog and encourages listeners to leave comments there. The podcast style is very special, no background music, no podcast title and the owner pays full attention to the topics. This podcast is updated frequently and the contents are current and have a strong timeliness.

The other special aspect of this podcast series is the internet interview; the questions in the interview are sharp, immediate, real and interesting. Sometimes, the interviewees might not be aware of being interviewed, so all words presented in the episode are straightforward without being edited.


This podcast is recommended if you want to know about social issues and improve your comprehension skills.