Introducing the types of Chinese Podcasts

The aim of this site is to explore the Chinese podcasts available and provide you with a range of Chinese podcasts to help you learn Chinese.

The two main kinds of Chinese podcasts:

  1. Chinese learning podcasts – these are podcasts specifically for people who are learning Chinese and are graded into different language ability levels. They often have some sort of interactive/downloadable option. Whether it’s transcripts, online learning or vocabulary they have been created by language learning professionals. Chinese learning podcasts often have English instruction to help the listener with what they have just heard.
  2. Native Chinese podcasts – these are podcasts aimed at Chinese-speaking people and are not graded into different language abilities. Can they still be used by non-native speakers to learn Chinese? Of course they can! But the caveat on native Chinese podcasts is that for newbie and beginner levels, they are probably not very suitable. To use native Chinese podcasts you need to be at least an intermediate if not advanced learner otherwise you may not benefit from them.

What languages are learning Chinese podcasts in?

  • The vast majority of language-learning podcasts are in Mandarin Chinese.
  • There are also some language-learning podcasts for people learning Cantonese.
  • And there are a small amount of language-learning podcasts for other dialects used in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (ie Taiwanese, Hokkien, Minnanhua etc)

What languages are native Chinese podcasts in?

Almost all the Chinese languages and dialects that you can think of! Many native podcasts are available in Mandarin and there are also some in Cantonese. Some of the podcasts are in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other podcasts are abroad aimed at Overseas Chinese communities.


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