Yep!Chinese review: 网络喷子 cyber-troll podcast

What is this podcast about? It’s about cyber-trolls.

Which level does this podcast belong to? It belongs to the advanced level.

How many presenters are in the studio? Two. One male (non-native Chinese speaker) and one female (native Chinese speaker).

How clear are the monologues? The monologues are read at a normal speed. Each word is pronounced clearly.

What languages are spoken in the studio? Mandarin Chinese and English.

Does this podcast have a clear level? Yes, it does.

What is the structure of this podcast? It is composed of 4 parts. The first part is some key words of the dialogue after the opening, and then the podcasters will play the dialogue. The second part is the explanation from the presenters about this dialogue. The third part is the podcast hosts listening to the dialogue again. In the last part of this podcast, the hosts have some additional explanation/expansion of the topic.

Why is Yep!Chinese a good choice of podcast? Firstly you can listen to the dialogue twice, to help you better practice your listening comprehension. Secondly you have both Chinese and English explanation in the podcast, so it’s much easier for you to grasp the main idea. Also, on the page you will see the original script of the dialogue with both pinyin and English translation, what’s more, there’s bilingual expansion and notes attached as well.

Summary: In the dialogue the female podcaster randonly gets trolled by an anonymous user online and she’s very surprised and the man suggests her to ignore it. These days as can see more and more trolls on the internet, they’re very stupid and mean. This dialogue looks into the words and phrases around trolls and online abuse.

This podcast can be listened to online at the Yep Chinese website.