Slow Chinese Review: 球迷和伪球迷 Lesson 165

Review of Lesson 165 Football fans and fake football fans from Slow Chinese

What is this podcast about? This lesson is about “real” football fans and fake football fans in China.

Which level does this podcast belong to? It belongs to the intermediate level.

How many presenters are in the studio? One female presenter is in the studio.

How clear are the monologues? The monologue is read in a slow speed. Each word is pronounced clearly.

What languages are spoken in the studio? Mandarin is the only language spoken in the recording.

Does this podcast have a clear level? Yes, it has a clear level.

What is the structure of this podcast? This podcast is composed of three parts. The first part is discussing the unpopularity of football in China. There’re some people who barely know football, yet they watch the World Cup, European Cup occasionally. They can be called “fake football fans”. The second part is a woman’s statement about her experience with football. Due to her boyfriend, who’s a football fan, she has gradually learnt some things about football, the rules, stars, etc. The third and final part of the podcast is a joke about Chinese football.

Why is Slow Chinese a good choice of podcast This Chinese podcast is about an interesting topic of football, it can let you know the situation about football in China and enhance your knowledge about Chinese society. Also, this podcast has an English translation for the transcript.

What are the drawbacks of this podcast? It lacks grammatical notes and a list for the new vocabulary.

Summary In general, this Chinese lesson is very suitable for intermediate and advanced learners of Mandarin, especially for those who love football. It’s funny and interesting.

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