Papi酱2016 Chinese Podcast Review

Name of podcast:Papi酱(jiàng)2016

What topic are covered? It’s about the popular culture that young people like in China. Art, fashion, hot social issues, etc, they are all covered.

Why is it good to listen to? Firstly it’s short, each episode lasts for 5 mins each time. If you’re very busy or eager to get on with other things, this podcast may be a good choice to you. Also, the podcaster Papi酱 is very hilarious. Her voice is processed by software, along with her funny statements on the topics which makes the program very hysterical. This podcast doesn’t require you to have a deep background knowledge in many areas of China. If you want to find a  hilarious podcast, this will suit you well.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, you can go to:

How often are the podcasts updated? Generally on a weekly basis.

Length of the podcast: The podcast usually lasts for only 5 mins.

Description of the podcast: The title of this Chinese podcast literally means “Papi Chan (Japanese way of calling a female)2016”, and the podcaster Papi酱 is very famous in China today as a cyber celebrity. She has many fans among young people. Her Chinese speaking speed is very fast, the fastest one among all the native podcasts so far I’ve listened to. So if you don’t have a great listening comprehension in Chinese, this podcast may not be very suitable for you. As the podcast doesn’t have a lot of different vocabulary, if you listen to it again and again, you can understand more and more. If you can comprehend it, you’ll find it super funny and meanwhile you can learn a little bit about the popular culture in China.

Summary: Papi酱 is a very funny woman and her opinions in the Chinese podcast are inspiring. If you just want to relax yourself in Chinese learning, and you have an advanced level in Chinese, you can try this podcast.