NBA前线 Chinese Podcast Review

Name of Podcast: NBA 前线 (qián  xiàn)

What topics are covered: This podcast series reports the latest news inside and outside of NBA games. News such as player transfer rumours, gossip, anecdotes as well as tactical analysis, summaries of team’s performances, and reviews about the results of the games.

Why is it good to listen?

The Male podcaster speaks standard Mandarin. The speaking speed is slightly fast but very clear without an accent. Each program focuses on a round of competition between two leagues. The Podcaster and an invited NBA commentator are in the program. The invited commentator might speak Mandarin with an accent. The audio is transmitted from the internet, so the listener might find struggle at times to catch all of the words. The contents are well organized and the two speakers in the program present clear comments on current NBA news.

To listen to the podcast, you can search NBA 前线 on iTunes .

How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast last updated early 2012.

Length of the podcasts:  1 hour

Description of the podcast:

A lot of Chinese like the NBA. This channel reports breaking developments of the NBA. The podcaster explains news inside and outside of the games from NBA commentators and gives technological analysis on the technique of the NBA and the strategy of each team, and detailed introductions on the main players of each team.

By reporting NBA news, this podcast series also reports China NBA technological development, analysis of league players status as well as comparison between China NBA and NBA leagues from other countries so as to look at China NBA’s future development.

The whole series is outstanding in the reporting and analysing. You can get comprehensive knowledge about the whole competition schedule of the NBA through listening to this program. This podcast series helps you to to understand more about basketball in Chinese.


This podcast is recommended if you intend to brush up on your sports terminology and basketball vocabulary.