nana在日本 Chinese Podcast Review

Name of podcast: nana在日本(zài rì běn)

What topics are covered? It covers a lot of fields, science, technology, education, society, etc.

Why is it good to listen to? This Chinese podcast will guide you to know about Japan in more detail. The podcaster is a Chinese woman who currently lives in Japan. If you’re interested in Japan, then this podcast is the one for you.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, you can go to:

How often are the podcasts updated? It’s updated on a weekly basis.

Length of the podcast: It varies from 10mins to 30 mins.

Description of the podcast: The podcaster speaks at a normal speed with clear accent. The podcast doesn’t have any background noise. The title of this podcast literally means “nana in Japan” where Nana is the host’s nickname. Through this podcast, you can know many aspects about Japan such as the food, transportation, society, etc. The podcaster even speaks in Japanese at times. If you’re interested in Japan, then you could try this podcast. And in my opinion, even you’re at the upper-intermediate level of Chinese, you can still understand many parts of this podcast. Very little background knowledge is required. This podcast is very interesting as it’s the perspective of someone living in a culture that is not their own and explaining what is happening around them.

Summary: A podcast mainly designed for everyone who is interesed in Japan and wish to learn about Japanese culture. Through this podcast you can know Japan in many different ways. Even if you’re not that kind interested in Japan, you can still enlarge your vocabulary amount and broaden your knowledge circle. Intermediate level learners can also try this podcast to see if they can understand it.