Name of Podcast: Podsafe音樂特區(jyutping: yum ngok dak kui)

What topics are covered: This is a music podcast that contains songs recommended by the host.

Why is it good to listen?

The male host, Felix, speaks perfect Cantonese. His speech is at a normal pace and casual tone without an accent, but he sometimes has a  somewhat “lazy” pronunciation – where he “slurs” a bit when pronouncing some words that need a crisp finish on the vowels, which is a common problem with a lot of Cantonese speakers nowadays. The series is suitable for music lovers who are into non-mainstream songs.

To listen to the podcast, it’s not currently available on iTunes but can be found here.

How often are the podcasts updated? The program is updated on a weekly basis.

Length of the podcasts:  30 minutes.

Description of the podcast:

The podcas host chooses a topic for each week’s podcast, plays songs that are fitting, and explains the reason he has chosen the songs, why he likes the songs, how he found the song, and what the songs reminds him of. He also introduces the singer and the style of each song. Most of the songs are non-mainstream, non-pop songs in English. Listeners will have a further understanding of the development of Chinese songs through listening to those songs.

The whole series is fun and consist of songs in different styles, and listeners can learn the casual and relaxed tone and speed of a Cantonese speaker.

Summary: This Cantonese podcast is recommended if you like listening to non-mainstream music and learn how to talk in a normal conversation as well as a relaxed speaking tone in Cantonese.

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