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These podcasts are native Cantonese podcasts so podcasts aimed at Cantonese speakers rather than Cantonese learners. They can also be used by Cantonese learners, but for intermediate-advanced learners of Cantonese. The following Cantonese podcasts are organised by the location they are created.

Cantonese podcasts from Hong Kong:

電影長短打2trumbsup – Cantonese movie reviews.

演藝風流 – Cantonese art podcast

派樂派對HKPUG – Cantonese IT news

理財創業家 – Entrepreneurship

Music Day – Chinese and J-Pop music

不能說的真相Untold Truth – Cantonese hidden dangers talkshow

希世趣文 – International Cantonese podcast about love and dating

後巷電影院 Backstreet Cinema – Film podcast

生命影響生命 AWR Chinese Cantonese – Christian podcast

港人港事 – Political and social issues

海琪的天空 – Cantonese interviews and music

創無限 – Performing Arts podcast

別格朝行 – Travel podcast

青山哈哈哈 – Relaxed Cantonese podcast as if among friends

長焦低炒 Tele and Tilt – Photography and movies

抱擁大自然 – Hong Kong’s natural beauty

周末飲冰室 – Cantonese talk show

Podsafe音樂特區 – Non-typical music podcast

毛記車房 Mo Garage – Car podcast

(科幻) Sci-Fi全面睇 – Science fiction podcast

崇尚真理 – Christian sermon podcast

男女Marketing – Cantonese love podcast

愛沒有不對 – Cantonese radio drama

娛樂台 -Cantonese entertainment news

食得精彩 – Hong Kong food reviews

動漫無雙 ACMusou – Comics and anime

蕭遙遊 – Political discussion podcast

原味生活館 Original Life – Christian values in life

姊妹同萌 – Topics aimed at women

棒出個未來 – Baseball and sports podcast

開心快活人 – Talk show with three presenters and interesting sections

流星小夜曲 – Classical Cantonese songs

香港日和 – Cantonese podcast about Japanese culture

自作樂很快樂 – Music podcast

希望在握 (HIH) – Bible stories

動漫廢物 acrubbish – Japanese animation and comics.

營之選 – Health topics and healthy lifestyle with slight religious theme.

虎聯虎將世界盃《球星論球星 – 2014 World Cup Football podcast


Cantonese Podcasts from the UK:

中文時段Chinese Hour – Current events

醉臥赤鱲角 Drunk @ HKIA – UK based Hong Kong student radio

欣賞天下 Hong Kong C9 Show – Lifestyle in the UK

大不列顛留學記 GBXperience – Student podcast

時事一周 – BBC News


Cantonese Podcasts from the USA:

女人起革命 Listen Up -Differences between men and women

笑。瘋。癲Stand Up – Fun topics on everyday life

自由亞洲電台粵語部  – News podcast

體育世界Sport Up – Sports

陽光大道 Sunshine Boulevard  – Bible stories and health topics


Cantonese Podcasts from Malaysia:

寂寞教室 Lonely Classroom – Talk show on life in Malaysia


The following Cantonese podcasts have not been reviewed. At some point these Cantonese language podcasts should be reviewed. Each podcast has been linked to the website you can hear it.

笑笑口講足球 – Football podcast

派樂派對 – Cantonese Technology podcast

自由風自由 PHONE

睇理點睇 – Religious video podcast

城市論壇   – Hong Kong location-based video podcast

Engadget中文 – Video podcast





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