Music Day Podcast

Name of Podcast: Music Day

What topics are covered: This is a Chinese and J-Pop music podcast.

Why is it good to listen?

This podcast is hosted by 琳琳 (lam4 lam4), she’s not a professional DJ but she speaks clearly and her talking pace is comfortable to listen to. She is knowledgeable on Taiwanese and Japanese TV dramas and also Taiwanese songs and J-Pop and she plays lots of songs throughout the podcast.

The podcasts are available here.

How often are the podcasts updated? The program is updated on a weekly basis.

Length of the podcasts:  60 minutes each.

Description of the podcast:

The host, 琳琳 (lam4 lam4), of this music podcast plays new and old Taiwanese pop songs and J-Pop, and shares reviews on Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. Lam Lam hosts the show by herself, she encourages listeners to leave her messages, send in song requests and share their stories to other listeners on the program’s Facebook page. In each episode, Lam Lam introduces celebrities who are having birthdays on the day of the program and talks about what music, TV dramas and/or movies they are involved with. She then plays the theme songs of the mentioned work.

The podcaster introduce listeners to a couple of TV dramas by reading the overview and commenting on the cast of the dramas, and playing songs and musics associated with  those dramas. In each episode of the podcast, there is a segment where Lam Lam plays songs she personally loves listening to. She also introduces listeners to the original versions of some adapted songs that are well known in the Chinese community. At the end of the show, new songs are played. The host’s song choices are pleasant and refreshing.

The whole podcast series is relaxing in which listeners will get to listen to Taiwanese and Japanese pop songs, especially those which are used in TV dramas and movies.

Summary: This Cantonese podcast is recommended if you love listening to Taiwanese and Japanese pop songs.

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