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These podcasts are learn Mandarin podcasts so podcasts aimed at learners of Mandarin Chinese. They are often separated into different levels. Some of the learn Chinese podcasts also have PDFs, word tests, vocabulary builder etc. to improve your Chinese even  more. The benefit with using a learn Chinese program is to be able to learn Chinese at a time convenient to you, learn at your own pace and take as much time as you need when learning such a difficult language. Some of the better learn Chinese programs even have the option of 1-to-1 Chinese lessons which you can use to build upon the online lessons and to ask questions about things that you are unsure.

What’s great about the programs available is that most have a free trial period (see what is advertised but can often be a week/month) and during this you can see if their program is suitable. If their program is not suitable then just choose another one and you have lost nothing!

Some of the Chinese learning programs are aimed at different target audiences, ie Kids Chinese Podcast is aimed at children. We have reviewed some of the programs on our website to give you a better idea of what is included and how each lesson works. There is a difference in scale between the podcasts as some are from companies that produce many different languages (such as ChineseClass101 and Rocket Chinese) while others are from companies that only produce learn Chinese podcasts and focus on Chinese.

You can also see the current learn Chinese discounts.

All Learn Chinese programs:

Chinese Class 101

Rocket Chinese

Popup Chinese

Chinese Learn Online – Progressive Mandarin Course. Also, we have a special discount available now! 20% off for all programmes if you use the code CC202017 in the coupon code field on the checkout of the site.

Ling Q Chinese

Kids Chinese Podcast

Ye Mao Hao

Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk


Podcasts for learning Cantonese can be found here.

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